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Examination and Analysis of Various Automotive and Crash Safety Related Products

The inside of a car seatFrequently, the collision performance of the involved vehicles, components, or subcomponents is questioned and has to be analyzed. The engineers and scientists at Collision Research & Analysis are experienced and skilled in the design and safety requirements (both federal and international) of various vehicular and roadside components.

This knowledge extends from over 50 years of research and testing, as well as the analysis of thousands of accidents that provide the basis of understanding collision performance.  Our team includes engineers who were at the forefront of the development of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and involved in some of the earliest crash testing ever performed.  They are nationally recognized as some of the leaders in research related to various automotive components, including seat systems, door systems, structures, and child seats, to name a few.

Our engineers work with the clients' needs and schedules to provide a clear understanding of the scientific development regarding various automotive and highway designs.

The underside of a car, rolled over on the side of the road

Inside the drivers side of a car with the air bag deployed.A crashed car with a door bent open.