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Evaluation, Testing, and Documentation of Vehicles and Components

Car seat testing apparatus. Scientific testing of vehicles and vehicle components provides a means to understand and evaluate different aspects of a collision or accident environment. The equipment, procedures, and unique aspects of laboratory testing are demanding. When testing is necessary, the engineers and scientists at Collision Research & Analysis are skilled and have decades of experience in the rigors and demands of the scientific testing process.

The engineers at Collision Research & Analysis have performed hundreds of tests ranging from full-scale two-moving-vehicle full scale testing to various individual component tests, and are experienced at unique aspects of the crash environment.  Our engineers have designed and run a variety of tests including the typical compliance and certification type crash and component tests, as well as the extremely complex and unique tests that relate to a specific accident.

Collision Research & Analysis works with the clients' needs and schedules to meet the rigorous demands of the testing requirements. The engineers work with a variety of budgeting and documentation requirements to fulfill the clients’ needs when testing is necessary.

Car door testing apparatus.A car door being tested for strengthA car door being tested but it's window is smashedTwo vehicles mid-crash