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David J. Michalski

Photo of David J. Michalski
Research Engineer

Research and Consulting Engineer specializing in transportation related crash analysis and reconstruction.

Research activities include vehicle crash testing and analysis, as well as testing of vehicle components including seats, and door latches. Additional research includes survey and analysis of vehicles and vehicle components.

Consulting activities include the engineering analysis, reconstruction, and computer simulation of automobile, truck, bicycle and motorcycle collisions.

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Research Engineer with the accident reconstruction firm, Collision Research and Analysis, Inc. from 1997 to present.

  • Participated in the analysis (including computer analysis), reconstruction, and trial preparation of over four hundred automobile, truck, bicycle and motorcycle collisions.
  • Participated in and analyzed numerous full-scale automotive crash tests to evaluate the collision performance of vehicles and related components.
  • Participated in numerous laboratory experiments designed to evaluate the collision performance of safety related components including seats and door latch systems.
  • Conducted numerous inspections, documentation, and analyses of accident vehicles and scenes.
  • Participated in and analyzed numerous visibility studies relating to accident reconstruction.
  • Conducted occupant kinematics analysis relating to accident reconstruction and crash analysis.
  • Surveyed and analyzed vehicles and vehicle components including seats, door latch systems, and fuel systems.

Research and Design Engineer with Carpenter Research Corporation from 1989 to 1997.

  • Designed and fabricated electro-mechanical and optical instrumentation for use in airblast research.
  • Performed digitization, calculation and parametric analysis of airblast data.

Education And Seminars:
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering – Boston University – 1989
Society of Automotive Engineers TOPTEC – Accident Reconstruction State-of-the-Art Costa Mesa, CA – December, 1999.
McHenry Seminar - Accident Reconstruction
Los Angeles, CA – November, 2000.
ARC-CSI Crash Conference – Rollovers, Crash Tests, Special Training
Seattle, WA – August 2002; Las Vegas, NV – June 2006, May 2011.


    A. Toglia, G.D. Stephens, D.J. Michalski, J.L. Rodriguez, “Applications of Photomodeler in Accident Reconstruction”, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, November 2005, IMECE2005–79250

    • Member of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM)