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Andrew E. Levitt

Photo of Andrew E. Levitt
Research Engineer

Research Engineer specializing in accident reconstruction and vehicle crash performance. Research activities include conducting collision experiments, vehicle handing and performance testing, component performance testing, visibility analysis and basic research in various areas of automotive collision safety.

  • 1987 to present – Research Engineer: Collision Research & Analysis, Inc.
  • 1979 to 1987 – Research Engineering: Severy, Inc.

Has analyzed and provided litigation related consulting on over one thousand transportation accidents. Provided court and deposition testimony on the subjects of general accident reconstruction, vehicle component performance, occupant kinematics, visibility analysis, computer-aided collision simulation and mathematical analysis.

Lectured before the Society of Automotive Engineers, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine and the National Committee for Motor Fleet Training in the areas of automotive seat design, computer-aided accident reconstruction and specialized reconstruction techniques. Presentations before Bar Associations. Has written, modified and adapted scientific computer programs dealing with vehicle dynamics and crash analysis.

Consulting Activities

Court appearances as an expert witness in the area of accident reconstruction and analysis of vehicle safety systems, including restraints and seat systems. Specializes in mathematical analysis of vehicle and occupant forced motions during and following collisions. Tools utilized include mathematical models and computer-aided analysis of vehicular dynamics, crush characteristics and collision induced occupant motion.

Vehicle and component crash evaluation, including static and dynamic testing of vehicle structures. Full-scale vehicle crash testing, as well as static force/deflection testing for comparison of yield strength and design characteristics. Component collision performance evaluation, including seat structures, restraint systems, door and latch systems. Studies of collision induced occupant kinematics. Visibility analysis of environmental collision factors, including low light and line-of-sight studies. Studies have involved still photography, video and computer generated analysis.



Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science, University of California, Los Angles, 1979.

    • “Relationship between Seatback Stiffness / Strength and Risk of Serious / Fatal Injury in Rear-Impact Crashes”, SAE, April 2009 – SAE 2009-01-1201.
    • “Automotive Seat Design concepts for Occupant Protection”, SAE, March 1993 – SAE 930340.


    • Member, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
    • Member, SAE-Accident Investigation Practices Committee (SAE-AIP)
    • Member, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM)