Samuel D. White

Research Engineer
(310) 400-7559

Research Engineer specializing in transportation related accident reconstruction.

Research activities include vehicle crash testing and analysis, as well as testing of vehicle components including seats and door latches. Additional research includes survey and analysis of vehicles components and auto-pedestrian impacts.

Consulting activities include accident reconstruction, computer simulation of automobile, truck, bicycle and motorcycle collisions, and photogrammetric and event data recorder analysis.


Research Engineer with the accident reconstruction firm, Collision Research and Analysis, Inc. from 2002 to present.

  • Participated in the analysis, reconstruction, and preparation (including computer simulation and trial preparation) of over four hundred collisions.
  • Participated in and analyzed full-scale automotive crash tests to evaluate the collision performance and related components.
  • Participated in numerous tests to evaluate collision performance of safety related components including seats and door latch systems.
  • Surveyed and analyzed vehicle components including seats, restraints, and fuel systems.
  • Conducted occupant kinematics computer simulation relating to accident reconstruction and crash analysis.
  • Conducted numerous inspections, documentation, and analysis of accident vehicles and accident scenes.
  • Downloaded and analyzed numerous event data recorders.

Education And Seminars:
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – University of California, Santa Barbara – 2001
2004 HVE Forum (Engineering Dynamics Corporation)
2005 Combined Claims Conference (Presenter)
2008 HVE Forum (Engineering Dynamics Corporation)
2008 Theoretical and Applied Vehicle Dynamics
2011 FARO authorized training (Laser Scanner) 
2013 Applying Automotive EDR Data to Traffic Crash Reconstruction 
2015 Accessing and Interpreting Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders
2016 Joint Education Conference, Temecula, CA (Presenter)
2016 Vehicle Crash Reconstruction Methods
2018 PC Crash Live Training
2018 SAE World Congress / WCX 18 (Presenter)
2018 Reconstruction and Analysis of Motorcycle Crashes
2019 SAE World Congress / WCX 19 (Presenter)
2019 How Cars Work California MCLE (Presenter)