Mark U. Meissner

Research Engineer
(253) 851-0790

Research and Consulting Engineer specializing in transportation accident analysis and reconstruction. Detailed analysis of data collected in the field following a collision to evaluate crash conditions, including photogrammetric representations, simulations and overall accident reconstruction. Additional research activities encompass advancements in the science of accident reconstruction as well as collision performance and evaluations of various vehicle components.

Additional responsibilities include dual office network management and interoperability, operating system and software maintenance suite upgrade deployments, software functionality and compatibility analysis after OS upgrades, and management of various aspects of office related computer technical issues.


Research and Consulting Engineer with Collision Research and Analysis, Inc. from June 2008 to present.

Has participated in the analysis and reconstruction of automobile collisions, including the computer simulation and reconstruction of vehicle dynamics and occupant and pedestrian kinematics. Additional activities include documentation and analysis of accident scenes, vehicles and the various subcomponents of vehicles, including the application of detailed computer animations for use in component analysis and crash reconstructions.

Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Applied Biomechanics, School of Engineering, University of Virginia from 2002 to 2007.

Research and analysis of pedestrian impacts utilizing MADYMO 3D simulations with geometrically detailed and validated vehicle models for comparison against experimental tests of human model subcomponents and advanced pedestrian injury criteria, including comparative evaluations of pedestrian kinematics and injury prediction for adults and children upon impact with passenger vehicles.
Computational studies of the kinematic and injury responses of pedestrians with variable stances during collisions with vehicles to develop a procedure for the initialization of optimization software for use with design of experiment (DOE) analysis for crash reconstruction of pedestrian accidents.

Consulted in pedestrian impact studies in conjunction with Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) at the INOVA Fairfax Hospital Trauma Center, County of Fairfax, Virginia.
Design and analysis of a full scale impact system for the evaluation of vehicle to pedestrian collisions for use with high speed film and accelerometer data.
Comparison of the head injury risk and its causation between vehicle-pedestrian and road-pedestrian impacts.


Masters of Science - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2007
University of Virginia - School of Engineering & Applied Science

Post Undergraduate Studies - Mechanical Engineering, Spring 2002
Columbia University - School of Engineering & Applied Science

Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering, 2001
University of Vermont - College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences