Gregory D. Stephens

Research Engineer
(253) 851-0790

Research and Consulting Engineer specializing in transportation accident analysis and reconstruction. Consulting activities include the engineering analysis and reconstruction of automobile, auto-pedestrian, truck, bicycle and motorcycle collisions. Activities also include occupant kinematics analysis as it relates to accident reconstruction, development of specialized reconstruction techniques, vehicle crash and performance testing, as well as testing of vehicle components including seats, door latches, restraint systems and other vehicle safety systems.

Consulting Activities: 

Currently involved with extensive research in the areas of door latch system and seat system collision performance, as well as crush characteristics of large versus small vehicle collisions. Published and presented a number of papers and articles relating to the areas of automotive door and seat systems collision performance, child restraint system collision performance and child behavioral studies, and night visibility analysis and reconstruction. Lectured in numerous seminars on topics concerned with the side and rear impact environments as well as the associated occupant kinematics and vehicle crash performance. Attended numerous conferences, seminars and meetings relating to the fields of accident reconstruction and automotive safety. Also involved with various SAE Standards Committees concerned with the research and drafting of standards that assist the scientific community and Federal Government in developing methods to test vehicles and associated subcomponents.


Research Engineer with the accident reconstruction firm, Collision Research and Analysis, Inc. from 1989 to present. Participated in the analysis (including computer analysis), reconstruction, and trial preparation of over fourteen hundred automobile, auto-pedestrian, truck, bicycle and motorcycle collisions.

Has conducted and analyzed numerous full scale automotive crash tests along with hundreds of laboratory experiments designed to evaluate the collision performance of safety related components. Components include fuel systems, door latch systems, seat systems (including child safety seats), bumpers and restraint systems.

Has conducted and analyzed numerous visibility studies in daytime as well as low-light and nighttime environments.
Design Engineer with Pima County Department of Transportation and Flood Control (1986 - 1987). Activities included the design and layout of numerous highway and structural projects.


Bachelor of Science - Aerospace Engineering, 1989
Boston University College of Engineering